Book Conversion Services

Book conversion services means the conversion of printed books into e-books. For example, conversion of data from physical pages into electronic files. Documents and books that may occupy a lot of space can be stored and distributed easily, methodically and effectively. E-publishing is far more cost-effective than a printed book. If you own a library or a publishing house that is looking to fulfil the demands of ever-growing readers, US data depot LLC offers to convert your valuable books, magazines, journals, research papers and articles into a ravishing e-library or an e-publishing store. At client friendly prices and within short time we offer to digitize books in your existing offline book store and transform it into an online book store. US data depot LLC works with professionalism. We guarantee our clients’ the precise replication of characters including text and graphics. At US data depot LLC, we undertake electronic book conversions from various formats like MS Word, Quark, Frame Maker etc.

Why choose us?

  • We have a very skilled cast of team-members at your service. All of them possess variety of different skills suited for each kind of tasks. We assign a member to a project only if they are fit for the job. We also assign a supervisor to supervise the assigned team on your project. The supervisor looks over the project just so that it stays within the bounds of excellence. He also makes tweaks if necessary.
  • We provide an affordable pricelist for our clients’ that matches the needs of both small and big companies. Most of the small companies might face a relatively high price-point upon looking for such services. We offer them our services as we want to grow with them.
  • We have over 10 years of experience on our bag. So there’s zero possibility of us making any kind of mistakes. And if by any chance if you encounter any such mistakes made by us then we have a profound refund policy just for you!