Our Story

On one hand there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to our story but at the same time there is a lot to talk about. Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry let us clarify it. Before coming together at US data depot LLC we used to work for different companies over the past 10 years. But one problem our clients used to face at that time were the middle men. So, quite some time ago we thought to ourselves. We have the capability to do any volume of work. Our workforces are tremendously skilled. Therefore, what’s the point in depending on a broker when we can directly deal with our clients on our own? By getting rid of the middlemen we are able to provide our clients’ with the less costly services within a cheaper price range. As we have both expertise and experience on our side there isn’t a chance for our clients’ data to be mismatched or handled incorrectly. We are prominent in any kind of data related service.

For these reason, we decided that it was time to open our own services that can connect directly with the clients’. We are basically a USA based data entry company that mainly operates around the north American region. Our main office is located in Detroit, Michigan. We also have our other branch offices in Asia. After setting up our offices we handpicked each and every one of our team members as we didn’t want to take in members that would be subpar for our projects. We then trained them under our supervision to strengthen them to our level of strength so that they might be able to work in the same way we do. After getting our cast ready it was time to ramp up our security and technologies to the latest and most effective. We installed some of the best possible security systems around. We also earned the green bar certificate in this process. And because of these security reasons we prohibit ourselves from using any kind of free or 3rd party software. And after all was set and done we decided to open our services for our clients’ as we believe that we are the best possible data related service providers around.