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We offer various kinds of service in quite a few categories. Take a peek at the following list to find the service that you desire!

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Data Entry Services

You might have thousands of records which needs to be entered either manually or digitally..........

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Data processing Services

Data processing commonly is the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful ..........

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Data Conversion Services

You might have a question on your mind about why data conversion is important.............

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Web Research Services

US Data Depot LLC provides you with the top-quality web research services and the deep analysis ..............

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Scanning & OCR Services

Among the most important assets that your business could have is information. Having ...

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Real Estate Data Entry

The real estate industry is a developing sector.Real estate firms are stacked with enormous data from numerous sources.

About Us

US Data Depot LLC has just born intending to serve up USA and CANADA based data-driven organizations. We have researched all the existing market players who are serving in these data processing industries, and then we have revealed their leakage to form a unique service of our own so that clients get most out of the box.

Our Uniqueness is our honest counseling to the client to save their hard-earned cash. Client security is our prime concern while serving a client. We maintain maximum security on each and every client’s privacy.

We have our time tracker and client management system software by which a client can trace and monitor each and every keystroke of an operator. This will help a client to control their cost, productivity, and accuracy.

The above features made us pioneer in data entries and data processing industries. We provide all sorts of Data related services across the city and states from the USA.

US Data Depot LLC is a client-driven organization giving one-stop arrangements of data entry solution across different support lines and capacities including counseling, innovation, and re-appropriating to fit you within the global challenge and persuade your project’s best adaptability. We are giving better Support to our clients locally as well as globally.

Our Mission: Our main mission is to provide world standard data processing solutions within a competitive budget of your choice with the highest level of service satisfaction. We serve all of our clients with the best possible way to meet client ultimate satisfaction. We strive all the way until our client gets maximum benefit out of our system backed by the Money-back Guarantee.

Our vision: Is to become the leading data entry and data processing Company in the USA.


Why choose us?

Have a doubt over why you should choose us? Well we have got the perfect reasons of why you should choose us!

US Data Depot LLC is one of the most prominent figures in the industry of data entry and related services. There are thousands of online services around the internet to outsource your desired service. But do you know why you should opt to choose US Data Depot LLC ? Take a peek down below on why you should choose us.

  • We have experience of well over a decade.
  • We don’t use any kinds of 3rd party software or group.
  • We have 24/7 support staff for your help and requests.
  • We provide reasonable price suited for all kinds of clients.
  • We provide our clients with the quickest turnaround time in the industry.
  • We are equipped will the latest and most effective security measures.
  • We maintain a good communication over the duration of your projects by giving you real time updates.
  • We take every necessary step to protect our clients from cyberattacks.

US Data Depot worker's time tracker software

We have a world-class time tracking software made by our own developer. Client can track time as well as each and every click and frame. To download the software click here.

Work Process

US data depot LLC maintains a prominent procedure enroute to completing a project. Check out the graphic below to get an understanding of how we complete each project.

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Data Entry

We’ll start entering data as soon as we have all the necessary information.

Quality Check

A final check before handing you over the project.

Project Submission

After checking quality we’ll hand you over your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that you might need the answer to? Take a look at our faqs list or search for your question. If you have any other question, then contact our help and support!

  • We here at Us data depot LLC have worked as individuals in different data entry companies for more than a decade. We have gathered experience and mastery in various types of data entry projects. We have successfully completed countless projects of clients all over the world during our tenure at different companies.

  • We are a group of tremendously talented individuals that possess diverse skill set through which we offer our clients a wide range of services. Which includes services like data processing, data conversion, web research, and transcription services. The full list of service is as follows.


    • Data entry service.
    • PDF to Excel data entry service.
    • Online form data input service.
    • Survey questionnaire data entry service.
    • Products data entry service.
    • Google Map zip code data entry service.
    • Medical data entry service.
    • Postcard marketing list data entry service.
    • Legal data entry service.
    • E-commerce product data entry service.
    • Business info data entry service.
    • Data processing.
    • Insurance claim processing.
    • Outsource check processing service.
    • OCR cleanup processing.
    • Image processing.
    • Survey processing service.
    • Data mining processing.
    • Data Cleaning Processing.
    • Word Processing.
    • Outsourcing Claim Processing Services.
    • Credit Card Data Processing.
    • Data Conversion Services.
    • Document Conversion Services.
    • Outsource Catalog Conversion.
    • Book Conversion Services.
    • PDF Conversion Services.
    • Word Conversion Services.
    • Excel Conversion Services.
    • XML Conversion Services.
    • Images to DOC Conversion Services.
    • E-Book Conversion Services.
    • Paper To PDF/Doc Conversion Services.
    • Image Conversion Services.
    • Web Research Services.
    • Data Research Services.
    • Market and Legal Research Services.
    • Product and Services Research Services.
    • Email, Name and Address Research Services.
    • LinkedIn Data Research.
    • Forms Processing Services.
    • Market Research Forms Processing Services.
    • Product Registration Forms Services.
    • Coupons / Invoices Services.
    • Credit Cards Form Processing Services.
    • Examination Forms Processing Services.
    • Healthcare Check-up Forms Services.
    • Legal Procedure Research Services
    • Travel Claim Forms Services
    • Mortgage Forms Processing Services
    • Mortgage Research Form Processing Services
    • Survey Processing Services
    • Scanning and OCR Services
    • OCR and ICR Services
    • Document Management Systems Services
    • Paper Scanning Services
    • Document Indexing Services
    • Real Estate
    • Property Listings
    • Buyer and Seller Information
    • Property Sales Records
    • Property Documentation service
    • Real Estate Tax and Insurance
    • Real Estate Data Processing and Management
    • Real Estate Data Extraction
    • Real Estate Database Creation
    • Real Estate Legal Documentation
    • Hard Copies Data Entry
    • Property Valuation Details Data Entry
    • Property Online/Offline Data Entry


  • You can send us the files through an FTP server which we will provide to you. We will also provide the login details of the site. You can also send us the files by web-based applications. As an attachment via email or even by courier the files directly to us.

  • We pitch in the estimated time of your project based upon the volume of work and your deadline. Our company possesses a fast turnaround time. Which is why if you have a work that needs to be done urgently, we undertake it and work even on Sundays just to deliver it before deadline time.

  • After you hand over a project to us, we give you sample so that you can evaluate the quality of our work. After you’ve checked the quality, we will let you know the estimated time to complete your project. We determine the estimated time based on your volume of work, complexity and deadline. We believe communication is the key to perfection which is why the team we assign your project to will constantly keep interacting with you to give you updates. So that might know of the progress and let us know if any changes are necessary so that we might make your desired change. After your final evaluation of the project we will submit the finalized files to you.

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